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If you wish to pay these are the following payment methods we support.

Signup: paypal.com
Supports: Online Instant Payments
Method: E-Check, Credit Card or Direct Bank Transfer
It may take several days to make a PayPal account and you will need a credit card to make the paypal account in the first place, after then it is possible to pay via your paypal account.

We support several types of payment via PayPal:
Direct Payment - Send Money to the email address billing@fho2.com
One Time Fee - Use the Billing link from the Account screen to set this up.
Hope Credit Purchases, Game Time and Extras can all be bought with PayPal

Supports: Offline Payments
Method: Money Order, Cash or Check/Cheque
Those of you who do not have access to a Credit Card can mail us directly with your money.

Please address mail to :

To pay using Mail please send a Check or Money Order (or as a last resort cash) to the address shown. Include with your money a note which includes either your email address or account name/number and also remember to write on it what your money is paying for be it Hope Credits, game time or something else.

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