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Welcome to Lands of Hope

No your eyes are not lying, it's 2022 and Lands of Hope circa 2011 with all the player data and features is currently up for sale. If you're at this website you were more than likely sent here by Daniel Paull A.K.A Decius to verify the game still works. For more information visit Lands of Hope.


Lands of Hope is a multiplayer browser based game, also known as a persistent browser based game (PBBG) and sometimes referred to as a MMO. For those of you with little time to read the site, I have summarized the key features of the game below (note this is but a fraction of the content the game contains):
  • Playable in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera (some versions), Netscape, Firefox or Safari.
  • Open ended game play.
  • Massive database of spells, styles, items, monsters and locations to visit.
  • Build your own Dungeons or Buildings.
  • Own Land
  • Tame, Train and use Pets and Steeds
  • Great community, and active staff.
  • Over 77,000 accounts.

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